5 de setembro de 2014

Não consegui resistir e fiz o teste: Qual o aspecto do homem dos meus sonhos?

A Writer with Dark Brown Hair, Blue Eyes and a Scruffy Beard
Your ideal man has short dark-brown hair, blue eyes that can see into your soul, mildly tanned skin tone, wide shoulders, thin figure and a hint of scruffy beard. Your man is in his late 30’s, he has a nice writing career (and very big dreams for the future that no one's sure he'll ever accomplish), his own apartment in the city, and a very easy going attitude. This guy is a great listener, and always willing to give you advice. He has a witty sense of humor, he is passionate about cooking and loves a good scoop of ice-cream at the end of the day.

So - is this your dream man? Or is he nothing like your ideal partner? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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